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social security and medicare and medicaid, probably the two main things basically bleeding us dry. but basically it is suicide to talk about those two. so we are going to have to go with, i guess, the spending cuts that he suggested. that is basically all i have to say. host: little rock, arkansas. paul on the republican line. caller: the morning, greta. i would like the president to talk about jobs and the economy. and during the campaign he promised to save millions of jobs. also promised to create millions of dollars. since he has been president he has created a huge deficit, sent $100 million to haiti, and there are many people right here in america who are unemployed, people who need jobs, and i feel that he should concentrate on taking care of the american people first. host: that is the headline in "the wall street journal" and "the new york times." it says -- host: new york city, luis, independent line. the trustee secretary will be testifying about what he knew about aig and that will be at 10:00 a.m. eastern time live on c-span3. also testifying as former treasury secret
on the republican line. caller: thank you for taking my call. the so-called reduction in medicare -- is this information or misinformation? are they really going to reduce the amount of money in medicare to pay for this plan? also, the public option. how come they do not want to fight for that? it seems to me that it would be a good way to go. if people are insuring -- purchasing insurance, they are responsible for reading the policy and numbing their coverage. it is just like taking out a loan. if you sign on the dotted line, you are responsible because it is a contract. i think republicans are just fear-mongering, trying to kill the bill simply because of the input of lobbyists. host: thank you for the call. guest: public comment on the medicare question. the pieces in the legislation that would reduce cost under medicare are comprised of a number of components that have been discussed by legislative advisory commissions in the past, such as the medicare advisory council, which advises congress on issues of payment in medicare. issues have also been raised by the congressional b
to more commons. for example, with the healthcare, it is medicare and medicaid going bankrupt. if you brought in as the private insurers are able to jury began bring in healthy individuals to medicare -- are able to bring in and cherry pick healthy individuals -- perhaps a sliding scale -- it could bring healthy individuals paying full premiums into medicare to balance out the expenses we have now to pay for 65 and over. as you get older more medical bills. i would be interested to see c- span have some accountant or actuarial come in to run the numbers that exist for the private health insurers and have them make their profits. how to make medicare at a fee. host: banks, we will go at this point because we will have an hour-long later on health care. today concerning the senate, your view, the independent line from anderson, indiana. caller: it is truly disgusting after the display of the health care fiasco you have seen. the conservative an element is tearing up the fabric of democracy. after watching the sonia sotomayor confirmation hearings you have a 99 white guys who question pe
security. and medicare. people are worried about and no one is talking about. that is what the tea party is all about -- leave social security alone and leave medicare alone and if democrats tried to protect the -- protected, maybe they will keep the seats. but when they keep threatening $500 billion for medicare, 20 million illegal immigrants to get the jobs, they will let a problem. host: are you involved with the tea party or watching from the sidelines? caller: just watching from the sidelines but understand our point. to many people doing our jobs -- nobody wants to talk about illegal immigration. the president is turning his back on it and people are fed up, especially when they talk about social security and medicare. i am a baby boomer. my wife will be caught -- retire pretty soon. we are waiting for this and a lot of people feel the same way. host: doris is watching us from chicago on the democrats' line. caller: he did not mention anything about a 40,000 people who die every year who did not have health insurance. massachusetts told the people of the country, the only state tha
senator ben nelson? apparently he is asking for money for his state that would be used for medicare and he's asking not to take it anymore? guest: this was done essentially to get senator nelson's vote. it was to expand federal funding for medicare in nebraska. some said great, but what about our state? senator nelson took a lot of heat for this. he's a conservative leaning democrat in a strongly republican state. he's gone around the state and done all kinds of ads to explain his position, and finally he said to senator reed, let's take this off the table. he said let's give it to all states or take it out entirely. host: wlats going on in massachusetts -- with what's going on in massachusetts, how long until he could be sworn into the senate? guest: this is a matter of contention. you haveçó democratic-leaning officials in massachusetts saying it may take two weeks to officially process the win. thers÷ tradition in the senate it is not disputed, you get that person in there as quickly as possible. i can bet republicans would be crying foul if democrats tried to string this out and lea
-span. finally, i believe the way out of this health-care mess is to open up medicare, certainly to page 55, and allow the medicare to cherry pick help the citizens such as myself. i pay $7,000 out of pocket every year. i've only used $700 in health insurance. there would be left over profit that could go to medicare. the must be millions who would not use their health care if medicare would open. we don't have to be in the shark tank with private insurers who would deny claims. host: and then they'll, virginia. on the democrats' line. caller: good morning. i think this is pathetic that c- span is sending letters out. i did not ever remember when c- span ever sent a letter during the bush administration. obama said that, yes. he said from the white house. i remember john mccain, both parties, and all -- every other health institution was there to discuss what was going on. if you see the level of people calling, the intellectualism has drastically dropped. the guests invited over at c- span and his supporters and the people who comment always spew their venomous about partisan shship which
is essentially a medicare tax that hits individuals who earn more than $200,000 a year and couples earning more than $250,000 a year. it does reflect that principal. we can see the final bill coming out from what's already in the senate version. from those decisions mbings it's the wall street journal that reported he is going to meet with labor leaders on monday. what's the significance of that. labor has been one of the most vocal proponents of the past. getting higher benefits and trading wage increases. they may end up having to be taxed on those benefits or see employers get rid of them. key to reach out labor and try to alleviate concerns. labor is making clear they are going to make a lot of noise about this. >> our guest until 9:15 if you have questions about the current working bill. guest: the public plan and the whole debate over whether the bill should include the public plan and what m many should see as the mechanism about what the public plan could do. a brief description. they get technical. basically in short, this is a mechanism of people buying on the individual market for pe
companies, insurance companies in this country, why can we not lower the medicare age. the president and nancy pelosi, harry reid, wire they doing backroom deals? i am not saying that all of the ideas on one side or the other are correct, they are not. but there are incremental things that to be done. if the democrats continue to do backroom deals, how will we ever get anything done? i am optimistic that the president finally got out there on friday. if he can do that, nancy pelosi -- whose family is from maryland -- host: father was the mayor of baltimore. caller: there is no working together. there's a lack of bipartisanship. host: "i am positive that wall street will steal more money from the workers and that obama will do nothing about it. our next caller is calling on the pessimistic line. caller: he sounded very pessimistic recently. there are many, as it was told in massachusetts. 150,000 people were on the rolls. my mother lived in tucson, ariz., and moved to california, now working in nevada. i received an early ballot like my niece, and she voted in nevada. everyone that sa
that medicare does not go bankrupt and there's a way to charge people 5.25% and up, allow us to buy into medicare and pay the full premium. there's a lot of healthy people to pay into medicare and it would counter balance all the older people using medicare and gove)nment insurance, health insurance funds. harry reed let us down on the healthcare reform and there's way - europeans have a gas tax to pay for healthcare. we use 84 million barrels of oil in this country a day. we could pay for healthcare by putting a dollar a tax on gasoline and harry reed let us down by not walking the walk. count less hours on that issue as well. app)eciate your comments on senator reid. roy, republican line. you're on c-span. good morning. caller: i love my country and all it's people so much. i'm so tired of groups being pitted against each other. this is simple when you think about it. the people who support god given free will verses those that don't and you call in and they tell you what you should and shouldn't talk about. that makes my point right there. sir, you can talk about anything you wa
question. i understand medicare is restrict frd this new law. is that true? if an employer chooses not to cover mental health at all, there is nothing the employer can do. >> like i mentioned, there's no mandate how this be covered. if the employer chooses not to cover it. this law will not be helped. it is in everyone's interest that these services be covered if primary care physicians are the most likely people to treat depression it would require insurance companies medicare has historically discriminated against mental health services we managed to get the co-pay requirement services removed. it was difficult to have any changes to the law we conditioned to work on getting things like the lifetime limit for medicare. the family physician medication is the bet one. they should inform the person that they take a while to work. someone gets discouraged in two weeks. the medication will not have taken affect yet. we should try to have as many portals into treatment as possible. she got a lot of questions in that one call. hi, sue. >> i have a question, a little bit different. i wan
bush took was to a $1.3 trillion deficit with unpaid tax cuts for the wealthy and the medicare prescription drug program. change is not just about policies. in 2006, democrats promised to drain the swamp and back congress largely because the american people soured on corrupt republican leadership. many ethics reforms were put in place by democrats, and he goes on to finalize, run great campaigns. again, this will appear in the paper version tomorrow. i believe if if you go to "the washington post" website, it is already there online if you want to read the full text of it yourself. it's from david plouffe. he ran the 2008 obama-biden campaign. should ben bernanke be reconfirmed? atlanta, georgia, up next. republican line, antonio. you there? we're going to try antonio one more time. are you there, sir? don't believe he's there anymore. steve, good morning. caller: hello. host: hello. you're on. caller: yes, thank you. concerning ben bernanke being reconfirmed, i'm going to have to say that it doesn't really matter who is in charge as chairman of the federal reserve, because the
's are threatening legal action over a provision that would protect nebraska from the medicare changes that were used to get the support of ben nelson. the democratic leaders are getting ready for a political war, going into the midterm elections. long beach, on the line. good morning to you. caller: happy new year. host: the first and want to talk about, actually, was immigration. people have been complaining about the immigrants. you do not hear anyone complaining about the employers. people would not come if they did not get hired. they exploit them, and use the non-documented workers. they have chemicals and asbestos. that is what they use them for. that is the problem here, not the poor people who come here to make a living. the other thing that we need to look at this -- look at is the middle east. we have to see the level view of the nation. we cannot criticize the nation on c-span. we have to take a look at this. i see people going on and on about muslims. but if you talk about the religion of these people, they will cut you off. we really need more information about where we stand in the uni
the people on medicare have to pay out of pocket for their medication. we want to close that gap. that was, i think, a lot of the conversation. host: we've covered a town hall meeting up in michigan. they talked a lot about the amendment on abortion. did that come up last night? >> it did. the caucus that in my part of, which has well over 100 members in the house of representatives, as well as wide support throughout the country for reproductive health care being a part of any package, it came up last night in the context of those of us that believe we should be pro-choice thinking that we should stick with the status quo, which says no federal dollars to pay for abortion. we don't -- we do not necessarily like that, but we agree with that. the stupak and nelson amendments go well beyond that. we think that all of our reproductive health needs to be covered. that was discussed even by a pro-life democrat, he agreed. he did not want to make this an abortion bill, he wanted it to remain a health care bill. keep the status quo with no federal dollars going for abortion in moving on. talking abo
a class action with two plaintiffs currently receiving medicare advantage and they are angry at the fact that there will be people in florida who will continue to receive it, and that is arbitrary and capricious actions creating two classes of people, and in violation of the constitution. host: we are going to leave it there because we are running short on time. this concern about taxing income? guest: he brings up a component that is in both the house and senate bills. they are calling into a limit loss ratio. essentially, there is a limited amount that insurance companies can charge for premiums, for anything other than what is going to patients. yes, that is a profit limit on insurers. that does not mean they cannot derive profit from other areas, investments they made. but in terms of actual premium dollars, there is a limit to the profit they can take from that. guest: he talked about court challenges. i wonder, if and when his health care passes, if this is more to end up in court and we will have court challenges for months and months. i can see this getting tied up in court for a
access to health care. i am 67 years old, on medicare select. after the first of the year michael fay went up substantially, even though my primary source of income, social security, was stagnant. they're going backwards. host: thank you for their -- thank you for the call. more from "the baltimore sun." "democrats are able to omit time consuming steps in the senate and prevent republicans from trying to delay the final negotiations. under senate rules, three separate votes are required before negotiators for the two houses may hold a formal meeting. while the three normally are agreed to within seconds, each may be filibustered, and democrats would then have to produce 60 votes to cut off debate. additionally, republicans would have the right to demand votes on nine -- non-bindingñr proposs wants negotiators for the two houses were appointed. that could, in turn, required democrats to vote on political controversies such as wiping out the legislation proposed cuts in medicare, which easily be turned into attack ads in next fall's campaign." bill, good morning. caller: good morning,
. a moment ago, he said hypothetical more fun. i am thinking about social security and medicare. when they first started social security, there were about 35 workers per retired person. now it is 3-1 or so. why is not social security and medicare tied to productivity? the average worker is giving the amount of work of 30 people. is there not a way that social security could be based on productivity and there is a corporate tax on corporate -- productivity? i know it seems like i am thaksin productivity, but is there not a way that we could connect productivity to this? that is my reason for calling. guest: give him a seat on the bipartisan commission. that is interesting idea. i will address the question of social security and productivity. social security has always been seen as a pension plan. when productivity goes up, and means that workers produce more per hour, and therefore, they earn higher salaries. then their salaries go up and the formulas that determine their benefits also go up. that is one of the issues we have with social security. as long as there is a link between how
spending, government salaries. two quick points -- the way to save medicare is just like private health insurance companies. sell medicare policies of full premiums to people like me -- denver, healthier people to offset the others who use up the money. a way to create jobs in this country is not health insurance companies' but liability/workers comp insurance companies. to deny coverage for claims to small, medium, and large businesses for undocumented claims that arise out of the hiring of the work done by undocumented workers -- if there was no liability insurance coverage, workers' comp liability coverage, not health insurance for those climbclaims arising from work done by undocumented workers, they would not hire this people and we would get all americans and taxpayers back on the roll. host: another headline on politics. bo biden bows out. he was the potential delegate. he will stay in his position as attorney general in delaware. dems go on the attack, they write. some of the questions in a memo and the way to force that on opponents. you can read that in political. the last pho
and medicare? caller: we have to, absolutely. this is where term limits would be very effective. these politicians are now so beholden to their special interests that they cannot tackle those issues because they are afraid they will live get reelected. we have to give the president the line-item veto. i would like to have the president with just 16-year term as well. without term limits, we are putting it on congress. if they do not keep the budget within a certain ratio of the gross national product or whenever they have to do, they cannot run for reelection. just like state governments, they have to balance the budget and if they cannot, we will not re-elect them. host: we will leave it there. jack, in the pan and line. caller: i know the the washington culture needs to change, if you see a building burning you do not ask if we need to put it out. but a couple of comments about fair and balanced. c-span is great. i am wondering how people are talking about the lack of the merits here. what i would like to say is there was a caller earlier talking about how we need to elect peo
, strengthen medicare for seniors, let me know. let me know. [applause] i am eager to see it. here is what i asked of congress, though. do not walk away from reform. not now, not when we are so close. let's come together to finish the job for the american people. let's get it done. host: on the screen right now it is frank pallone of new jersey. where is the legislation, what is happening? guest: we are trying to see if we can get republican support for a comprehensive bill. it would have three points, covering most americans, bring down costs, and ending discrimination for pre-existing conditions. the bottom line is, if we cannot get republican support, we will have to go ahead and pass it with democrats. unfortunately, whether or not we can get republican support is not clear. host: it sounds like you describe an emphasis on insurance company reform. guest: it is difficult right now for people with pre-existing conditions to get coverage at all. if they do, it is so prohibitive, it is not affordable. host: is the public option off the table at this point? guest: i do not think so. i think
data from all cabinet level departments to the internet today. topics range from car seats to medicare services. the information comes one year and one day after the president made the promise on his first day. more on the internet and social networking from politico. it reports the senate rules committee has reached an agreement with facebook, alum and senators to set up an official page that follows the chamber's rules. there will be no advertisements and will contain a link to their website. >> the house financial-services committee this morning hold a hearing looking at pay practices for financial and nonfinancial firms. that hearing is at 10:00 eastern. president obama to date in lorain county, ohio, touring a wind turbine plant in speaking at a community college there. >> wednesday, president obama delivered his first state of the union address to congress, laying his vision for the country. the state of the union address, wednesday night. our coverage begins at 8:00 eastern. you can also listen to the address live on your iphone with the c-span radio app. >> each year thousands
the nation's health-care system, making significant reductions in medicare spending. we will find out more about that tomorrow. danny, republican line. caller: hello. i definitely believe that the gop should be in control of the congress. i would like to explain why. in the 1960's, a former fbi agent after he retired wrote a book called naked communist, where he documented the 45 communist goals to take over this country. it was going to be from people that came over from communist china and mostly from the soviet union, attempting to infiltrate every place of influence in this country. you can look it up, communist goals, 1963. compare the goals of the communists to take over america with the political party platform of the democrats. you will see that all of those objecting to the total world government under the united nations has been fulfilled. you can read what our founding fathers believed was the principle that this country was founded on. that is what the base of the gop stands for. host: one more thing about the budget, he added there were plans to slash future shortfalls with em
medicare. i think about going against medicaid. these guys are incompetent. host: nicholas, independent from massachusetts. caller: scott brown. host: why is that? caller: i served four years and the military and is obama care plan is that control and so was the closing of gtmo. host: how old are you? caller: 28. host: are you familiar with one republican was in control of congress -- i wanted to get to the previous caller who was this critical of republicans when they were in control of congress saying they spent too much uncritical of the medicaid bill that passed. are you familiar -- are you having any concerns about electing a republican? caller: no, not at all because -- you know, like obama says, it is time for change. he is not changing anything. we are getting more and more debt with him in office. host: rapid city, south dakota, linda on the republican line. caller: i would like to get a message to the people of massachusetts from the rest of us out here -- please vote scott brown into office and remember, you are not voting republican and to the senate, what you are doing is h
. it will be helpful and beneficial to small business. it will strengthen medicare which we all benefit at a certain age. it will solidify medicaid, as well. it will give opportunities for those looking forward to their elderly years for long-term care capabilities and opportunities that you did not have in the past. as i said before, it will give opportunities to 30 million new uninsured people in connecticut to florida and across the country. there is a lot in this bill that you will find be very beneficial to your neighbors, the people in your area and the country. it is complex, for sure. there are betty details edit. the emergence of this bill at whatever age will feel better. it will help children. it will help families. it will provide health security and financial security for many of those americans who now have neither. host: what the institute for the study of the senate? guest: this will be an institute that will study the united states senate, study the 47-year career of senator kennedy as arguably the most effective legislator in history. it will bring people's understanding of what ha
and they are sucking the life out of medicare and social security. for the veterans of this country and the veterans tat bush left behind it did not -- they did not do anything for the veterans. these programs are what keep the rest of the surviving here. what is happening is that the republican constituents are starting to feel how the rest of america used to feel. host: connecticut, on our independent line, go ahead. caller: what i learned yesterday was democracy in action. if that was a boxing match, president obama 113 rounds. ford simple -- won 13 rounds. i am a fiscal conservative. he called of frank luntz and said it is good to have good talking points on different policies but you cannot throw out jobs. they have to work together. that was amazing. i had never seen anything like it. i watched it on c-span yesterday. i watched it this morning. thank you for everything you do for cspan. host: if you missed the re-air on this, you could go to our website, c-span.org. little rock, arkansas, and arab democrats line -- on our democrats line, what did you learn from yesterday? caller: i already kne
in charge more or less. and nothing was done about health care except for the part d medicare which me snuck through in the middle of the night. i watched it all night. i am a democrat but i listen to fox. i listen to glenn beck, hasity, o'riley, chris matthews, keith observerman. i christen to it all -- keith olbermann. i listened to it all. i didn't graduate high school. i went back and got a job and they sent me back to school. the constitution says -- i hear you saying about the constitution says this and says that. the constitution never said that you had to have firemen to take care of anybody's house to take care of a fire. the constitution never said you have to have insurance on cars. if you have a car you have to have it insured. host: james, what would you like michael steele to address? caller: why did they lose the race in maryland if they were such a great listener? guest: well, governorer lick and i did -- governor erlich and i did the unthinkable. the last republican governor before governor was speer agnew. and the people of maryland decided they wanted to take a diffe
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